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“PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS” is a young multidisciplinary and multicultural French artistic and cultural association that promotes poetic talents.

Our main activities are the following:

Creative writing workshops, Popular and festive meetings, Drama, Art preview, Publication of an International and poetic half-yearly review called “Entre deux Rives”, Open stages, Cultural festivals, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc.

Besides, we also develop several associative partnerships.


We are a non-profit, non-political and non-religious association so as to be as open to broad a public as possible: ranging from children to senior citizens, from students or amateurs to professionals, and even the most skilled and erudite artists. Our goal is to build bridges between different arts and writings, different talents and cultures, different generations and regions of the world. The concept underlying all our projects and the purpose of the bridges we build is making poetic creation possible. You can think of “PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS” as “Bridges to the other side” in all artistic senses of the term.

PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS provides support to its members on an artistic and cultural level by promoting their activities and works, and by organizing stage performances and exhibitions.

We listen to all our talented members and guests, providing them with a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to share their work with the public. Our team is experienced, dynamic, multicultural and multilingual. The core values of our association promote continued growth in terms of quality and poetic diversity

With a network of about forty members with varied backgrounds, our mission is to address the overall creative needs of any talented person or any civic-minded project:

* All talents, all poetic dreamers, anybody familiar with writing, reading, theater, singing, dancing, cooking, filming, painting, drawing, etc.

* All “Sister Associations” throughout the world, be it inside France or outside France. We would like to build bridges with different associations and organizations that share our vision, and that are interested in joining us to work on a common project. We would be equally pleased to work and perform for any “Sister Association” that would like for us to be part of its artistic, cultural project.

Our association has no physical headquarters, no one permanent space, but rather leads a “nomadic existence”. We believe that the use of unfamiliar spaces broadens the creative possibilities for our artists. To us, art and culture travel and transcend space, common interests, and common habits and limits. Therefore, we organize our workshops and art exhibitions in places such as in an atypical Parisian bistro, on the hill of an urban park, in the corner of an eccentric and avant-garde bookstore, in the gallery of a museum, in a different town or country – even in a barn of an old farm!



The board members of PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS invest their time, energy and their own funds in the association’s project in order to maintain a high-quality artistic- and cultural environment and to ensure that every talented person gets a chance to shine. Your support helps us to continue to achieve our creative goals. Thanks to you, we can expand our poetic vision and reach out to more people around the world. You may become a supportive partner of the PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS project via sponsorship, with a financial-, material-, logistic- or creative contribution. But our partners are far more than just donors. We expect to build a sincere long-term partnership based on dialogue, mutual trust and equal opportunities with each of them.

We usually begin our projects with a theme-based writing- and art-workshop, which later provides the basis for an art exposition of the works completed.We highlight the artists’ works at three art exhibitions per year..

There are from 12 to 20 writing- and art-workshops (called “Tâche d’Encre”, “Ink Stain” or VICE VERSA) per year, during which we meet every three months on a Sunday afternoon for about three hours to share a meal and partake in a friendly and creative moment:

* 1st part of the workshop: Presentations and ice-breaker activities;

* 2nd part of the workshop: Debate on the chosen topic;

* 3rd part of the workshop: The participants start their sketches and leave with at least enough material to continue their work at home and prepare to come back as exhibitors or performers at the art exhibition.

We publish a bi-annual review, “Entre deux Rives” (“Between Two Shores”), a collection of original articles, creative texts, photos… All gathered to inspire discussions on specific art and cultural issues. We also publish a “yearbook”: the collection of the respective year’s creative texts and art.

Our association is a portrait of the world’s diversity, here a few examples:

* Dominique Batraville (Haitian poet and writer)

*Edwige Ceide (amateur writer, professional translator)

* Dominique Lacotte (French and literature teacher and drama director)

* Georges M’Boussi (professional storyteller from Benin and co-founder of the Zenga-Zenga association)

*Lise Pluzet-Rochette (French writer and artist)

*Jean-Paul Reynaud (poet, writer)

*Paguy Shako (amateur writer, slam poet, actor)

And other active members:

Richard Abibon (psychoanalyst)

Nama Chenna (Cordon-bleu, amateur writer)

Eugênia Correia (psychoanalyst, art-therapeutic practitioner)

Marine De Vanssay (cultural project manager)

Zoë Flambard (architect, designer)

Nischa Jaster (cultural project manager)

Déo Namujimbo (journalist, writer, translator)

†Françoise Toire (social worker, nutritionist)



Membership is free as long as the sponsorship procedure is followed (donations are accepted and appreciated). Membership entitles you to participate in any activity organized by PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS and guarantees you:

* Priority access to the writing and art workshops;

* Access to the General Assembly and to the Committees (For example, you can help us decide on our next topics)

* Access to the art exhibitions organized by PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS with a preferential rate (when entrance is not free)

* Preferential rate on the yearbook

* The right to have your name and poetic work mentioned on our website

* Free promotional space on our website and a link toward your own blog or website

* Your promotional messages sent to our large network

* The right to sponsor any new member wishing to be a part of PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS .

Our policy states the following principles:

* Membership to the Association is open to any individual or legal entity

* Admission of a new member through sponsorship and upon contribution of an original and creative work made on the following topic: “Extra-Muros / Extramural”

* No made donation can be refunded.

* Any child who takes part in the activities or the events organized by PASSERELLES EXTRA-MUROS must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian or a designated adult in charge of the minor

* Any newly admitted member is required to respect the Association’s rules and the association’s charter regarding:

Respect of intellectual property rights

Respect of the equipment and the rented spaces

* Any person who misbehaves or violates the established rules (i.e. disruption of meetings, breach of public order, etc.) may be suspended or dismissed by the board members with or without a probation period

* As soon as the membership is accepted, each member commits not to employ for any kind of financial profit (neither personal nor for the company he works for) any of the association’s work, nor any of the work created by its members

* In the case of a dispute, the board members and the founders will take the necessary measures against the member whose behavior was found to be incompatible with the Charter and the Statutes of the association.



Do you want to know more about our association’s projects?

Do you have a specific question, do you wish to join us and be a part of a poetic adventure?

Please do not hesitate to contact us by sending your questions via e-mail or via postal mail. Our founding members will be happy to provide you with the information you need. Feel free to contac us.

@ E-mail address: passerelles.extra.muros@gmail.com

For more information regarding donations and support, please contact us by e-mail: passerelles.extra.muros@gmail.com

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